Covid19 Comparison Graphs

This is a Public Domain EXCEL only spreadsheet based on the Johns Hopkins university data that you can use to compare COVID19 data from any country with any other (or with the whole world). 

The latest version (10th May 2022) can be downloaded or viewed from this link. To work with the spreadsheet you need to download it. Right click on the sheet and select "download" to do this.

The raw data is a list of the number of Confirmed Cases, Deaths and Recovered.  Other data is derived from that. Note that "Recovered" data is not available after 4th Aug 21, and for some countries not available at all. Other data derived from the Recovered data, such as the number of active cases (calculated as Confirmed - Deaths - Recovered), will also not be accurate if the recovered data is not available.. Data is available daily or as average over the past 7 days. Selecting the "weekly average" removes a lot of noise from the data and is recommended. Dropdown menus enable you to compare under a variety of criteria using linear or logarithmic scales and using either direct numbers or as a percentage of the population. 

Here is an example:

This compares the number of active cases in China outside Hubei province with the number of active cases in Singapore:

Here are the instructions (also available in the "Introduction and help" worksheet). 

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